Latest News

  1. New Staff – We welcome Mr. Devin Yu on board as one of our full time lecturers from 1st January 2018.

  3. Australian College of Theology (ACT) Course – Application for 2018 undergraduate and postgraduate courses now opens. Enrolment form can be downloaded from our website at “Download area – ACT program application form.” The deadline for application is 15th January 2018. For enquiries, please call (02) 9715-2992.

  5. Theological Education by Extension – Enrolment for 2018 Term 1 now opens. Course details and enrolment form can be downloaded from our website at “Download Area – Theological Education by Extension”.

  7. Reformation 500 Lecture – It was held smoothly on 28th October 2017. The notes and/or the powerpoint slides of the lecture can be downloaded from our webpage “Download area – General Affairs”.

  9. College/Theological Education Sundays – Year 2018 is now open for booking. To book a date, please contact the Principal’s assistant, Mrs. Winnie Yeung, on (02) 9715-2992 or by email to

  11. “5 Years Plan” Faith Pledge – We are in need of financial partners who are willing to support our lecturers’ remuneration in the coming 5 years. Those who wish to participate in the faith pledge please contact the Principal’s office.